AnaLectro represents manufacturers of Precision Measurement Solutions for Testing, Manufacturing and OEM Applications. We specialize in supplying sensors, instrumentation and measurement systems in the Mid-Atlantic region.

Position and Displacement Sensors
Position and Displacement

Triangulation and TOF laser sensors, LVDTs, draw wire sensors, eddy current and capacitive sensors and systems
Dimensional Measurement Systems
Dimensional Measurement

2D Laser measuring systems, confocal and interferometric based measurement systems, optical micrometers, online thickness and profile measurement solutions
Temperature Measurement, Pyrometers, Thermal Imaging Cameras

Fixed and portable IR pyrometers, thermal imaging cameras and systems
Force, Torque, Strain Sensors & Gauges
Force, Torque, and Strain

Piezoelectric and strain gauge based sensors for measuring static and dynamic force, torque and strain; Integrated multi-axis force and torque measurement systems and dynamometers
Pressure Gauges and Sensors

Absolute, gauge and differential piezoresistive pressure transducers, and piezoelectric sensors for high dynamic measurements
Piezoelectric, Capacitive and Servo Accelerometers

Piezoelectric, capacitive and servo accelerometers for vibration, shock and motion measurements
Precision Inclinometers for Measuring Tilt and Orientation

Precision inclinometers for measuring tilt and orientation
Accelerometers, Gyros, Magnetometers
Inertial Sensors and Systems

Accelerometers, gyros, magnetometers, IMUs and Inertial Navigation Systems for motion studies, orientation, stabilization and navigation
Signal Conditioning and Data Acquisition Systems
Signal Conditioning and Data Acquisition

Stand-alone and distributed systems for signal conditioning and data acquisition. Fixed and mobile platforms.
Color Measurement Systems, Spectrophotometers
Color and Appearance

Laboratory and portable spectrophotometers, online color measurement systems, color quality and formulation software, and standardized lighting products
Wireless Sensing and Monitoring
Wireless Sensing and Monitoring

Wireless sensors and transmitters for remote monitoring of various physical measurements.
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